This is a quiet, early medieval village with baroque churches

Come and relax in the green vegetation around River Roia

In the sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie, just outside the town, you can see a wooden statue of the Madonna.

At the end of May, the Val Roia international walk covers 15 kilometres, going from Airole in the direction of France along the ancient Salt Road. In summer Airole holds many local feasts and festivals for holiday-makers, including the festival of the "Ciuciulo", a type of aromatic sausage.

There are a number of theories about the derivation of the name "Airole": one concerns the position of the town, another alludes to the presence of herons (aironi) on the river Roia, while a third concerns the legendary figure of Airone, a wizard and healer. Built by the lords of Ventimiglia perhaps on the site of an ancient Roman town, Airole is of medieeval origin and is situated at the meeting-point of the roads out of the Nervia Valley and the lower Bévera valley in the middle of the olive groves. 

The typical Ligurian town centre, with its houses close together and narrow alleys, is built to a concentric design in an area dominated by the two river banks, the middle Nervia Valley and the roads that used to connect Ventimiglia with lower Piedmont.

Donated in 1273 by Fulco Curlo, a Ventimiglia nobleman, to the friars from the monastery at Pesio, it was sold to Ventimiglia in 1435. After the French Revolution, it became an independent municipality. During the wars between the Savoys and the Genoese in the sixteenth century the town was destroyed three times, thus cancelling the signs of the past forever. All that is left are the ruins of the fortifications and the parish church dedicated to saints Giacomo and Filippo, the patron saints of Airole. The church was reconstructed during Baroque times. 

The village of Airole is found in the province of Imperia, which lies in the Liguria region. This hamlet is located 3.1 km from San Michele, 3.6 km from Collabassa and is 5.1 km away. When coming from Ventimiglia, drive along the SR20 to the right of River Roya, and then turn into the E74 and drive past Trucco and Collabassa up to Airole.

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