Chestnuts and mushrooms

Bardineto is an insider tip for gourmets

Since the village of Bardinero is surrounded by woods, mountains (up to 1300 meters high) and rivulets with pure water, there are mushrooms / Porcini there in large quantities, and these are very popular with gourmets.  In addition, the village of Bardineto is well known for its particularly delicious potatoes and chestnuts.

Some of the attractions there include the castle, the narrow lanes known as ""Caruggi"", the parish church of San Giovanni Battista and the Roman church of San Nicolò (13th century).

One can also see the remains of the Castrum built by the Langobards in the 7th century near the Roman church of St. Nicholas.

The knight's castle built by the Del Carretto family in the thirteenth century – polygonal (i.e. sixteen-sided) - probably on the foundations of an earlier Roman fortress, but today unfortunately only ruins with some walls. 

The presence of numerous caves and shelters favored the mapping of an early human settlement in the Paleolithic Age, followed by the ligurian tribe of Epanteri, rivals of the Ingauni from the ligurian coast. It was occupied by King Rotari and then by the Langobards who intensified and broadened the trade there. The army of Karl the Great conquered the area and donated it to the monks of the abbey of San Pietro in Varatella near Toirano. The latter increased the economic development of the country by initiating successful iron processing; they imported crude oil from the quarries in the island of Elba and opened numerous iron-works along the Bormida valley.

If you happen to be driving near Finale Ligure, take the exit of the A10 highway at Borghetto Santo Spirito towards the grottos of Toirano and then follow the SP1 for another approx. 30 km and you will reach Bardineto - a tiny village located about 711 meters above sea-level.

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Climbing in Savona > Bardineto

Parco Avventura Bardiland

Climbing in Savona > Bardineto

Telephone number: +39 019 7907115 - 3286423895

Address: Via Martino, 13, 17057 Bardineto, Savona, Italy


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Maria Nella

Restaurants in Savona > Bardineto

Telephone number: 3,90E+11

Address: Via Cave 1

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Pizzeria la Genovese

Restaurants in Savona > Bardineto

Telephone number: 019634282

Address: Via A. Mattiauda, 1

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Ristorante Picina

Restaurants in Savona > Bardineto

Telephone number: 019634146

Address: Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 13

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