Multi-colored houses, winding lanes and romantic bays

The two localities that form Bogliasco, namely Pieve Bassa and Pieve Alta, harbour more than 1000 years of history

Santuario di Nostra Signora delle Grazie

Chiesa parrocchiale della Natività di Maria Santissima

Castello di Bogliasco

Every 3rd Sunday of the month, the flea market takes place on Piazza XXVI Aprile.

The Friscioladda takes place on the Sunday after St. Joseph’s day, and there you can try both the "Bugie" and also the “Krapfen”, a kind of doughnuts which became well-known through the late Roman Zampriolo. The feast of Basanne (from the Genoan dialect Fave = beans) takes place in Poggio and in the village of San Bernardo in May.

Among the public festivals and religious festivities the "Madonna del Carmine" is celebrated on 16th July with a procession and celebratory fireworks in the evening, and that happens also on the feast of Saint Klara on 11th August.

Via Roma runs down to the sea, and after crossing the coastal street, the tourists will find romantic bathing bays there.

Bogliasco consists of a network of houses protected by the mild climate of Golfo Paradiso from the north wind blowing from the mountains. The name "Pieve" comes from the original inhabitants who sought refuge in the Pieve San Michele church while fleeing from the Sarazens. The way up to the church begins in the Via San Bernardo in Bogliasco. The first church building was built before the year 1000. The bell tower, 41 meters high, can already be recognized from out at sea, and through that the sailors from Città della Pieve were able to know that they had arrived home as soon as they caught a glimpse of it.

From Bogliasco you can reach Pieve Ligure by car through the Via Aurelia coastal street. Pieve Bassa lies on sea cliffs while Pieve Alta can be accessed through Via Roma, a winding street which leads uphill to the Poggio, Monte Santa and Croce.

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