Marble, marionettes and small lakes

Campomorone is well-known for its paleontology museum and minerals, as well as the pretty Laghetti for outdoor activities

Marionette museum - Palazzo Balbi in Via A.Gavino 144r

Museo di Paleontologia e Mineralogia

I Laghi del Gorzente, comprising of three lakes: Lago Lungo, Badana in Piedmont and Lago Lavezze; it is ideal for trekking tours

Das Damast-Museum in Lorsica 

Campomorone’ political significance grew in the sixteenth century because a new road was built on 5th December 1583 from Passo di Bocchetta through the valley to Polcevera. The mining of green marble "Pietralavazzera" was started towards the end of the century. There is evidence in the Santo Stefano di Larvego parish church which points to the fact that the extraction of the green marble already started during the renaissance. It is a baptismal font made of green marble from one single block out of a piece weighing several hundred kilograms and it was carved in the 11th century.

This village which is approx. 26 square kilometers large has been part of Genova since the 12th century and it lies about 118 meters above sea-level, 10 km north of the capital city.

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Museums in Genova > Campomorone

Museo delle Marionette

Museums in Genova > Campomorone

Telephone number: +39 10.722.4314

Address: Strada Provinciale 6

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