Cliffs and medieval stone bridges

The Pennavaire valley provides special attraction to climbing enthusiasts and and hikers to visit the ligurian Maritime Alps

Santa Lucia Chapel

In the center of town is Osteria Trapassato Moderno which has a lovely terrace overlooking the mountains.

When you are in Colletta Sottana you will have a lovely view of Colletta located on the upper side of the locality.

There is a small waterfall with a beautiful picnic ground approximately half a kilometer from Oresine. The area is wonderfully suited for walks and excursions on mountain-bike.

From Vesallo there one can walk the entire length and breadth of the area surrounding the locality on the seven marked walkways and on foot access the different rock climbing walls, which are visited by climbing enthusiasts from all over Europe. While on hiking and cycling tours, you can admire the different medieval stone bridges with their typical “donkey-back-form”. Shopping facilities and restaurants can be found in Castelbianco, the main town in the region, which is 800 meters away.

The name Castelbianco came about due to the presence of a small old garrison, of which some ruins can still be found just above the village of Veravo; the garrison was on the route to Castello di Alto in Piedmont and was meant to serve as a tax-collection point and checkpoint for goods along the route between the ligurian coast and Piedmont-Padano.

Colletta was once a picturesque ruin in the middle of 1900. Today, though, you will find there an ancient village with the most modern technology.

Veravo lies between Vesallo and Oresine. The San Francesco Church and Palazzo “dei Signori” which dates from the 18th century are located in the centre of town.

Vesallo is a part of the municipality of Castelbianco, in the province of Savona. Vesallo is a part of the municipality of historical site even today. Some of the hallmarks of this town are the windows which are nicely designed with white plaster, and which often stand out from the grey stone walls with baroque patterns.

Vesallo lies in the middle of the forest-covered Pennavaire valley.

Castelbianco lies in the lovely Pennavaire valley which also boasts of Monte Castell'Ermo (1092 m) and Monte Alpe (1056 m) in addition to numerous cherry and olive trees. Castelbianco is divided into 5 villages: Veravo as a capital city, Colletta, Colletta Sottana, Oresine and Vesallo. You can reach there by taking the SS582 from Albenga and then branching off to the SP14.

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Albergo Scola

Restaurants in Savona > Castelbianco

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Osteria Trapassatomoderno

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Address: Via XXIV Maggio, 13

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