Old dances and traditional musical instruments

Cicagna maintains its customs

The town preserves the old dances and music with traditional musical instruments - the Apennine pipe accompanied by the accordion.

The Ettore Guatelli Museum of Local History and Culture

The "Museo dell Ardesia" Slate museum

Santuario di Nostra Signora dei Miracoli, originally the ancient church of the San Columban monks, restored 1937

Festa della Cicogna on the second Sunday in July

The district consists of the five localities of Monleone, Pianezza, Cassottana, Canivella and Serra. The country is split into two by the Lavagna River; the latter together with the stream from Malvaro river in the constituency of Monleone supply the area with water.

The origins of the town date back to the times when Christianity was being spread by the Irish monks belonging to the abbey of St. Columban, constructor of the first baptistery in the area and in Coreglia Ligure.

The country was ruled by the Malaspina family up to 1114. The locality is referred to as Plicania in an old document from the year 1143; that name later became Chinaglia and finally Cicagna as it is called today.

Cicagna is part of the province of Genoa and is 25 km to the west of the capital city. The town can be reached through the SSP 225 State Road from the coastal resort of Chiavari.

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