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Geschilderde deur in ValloriaEen mooie geschilderde deur in Valloria, LiguriëEen mening van het dorp van een kunstenaar ValloriaEen mening van het dorp van een kunstenaar ValloriaEen mooi uitzicht op een vakantiebestemming ValloriaEen mooie straat in ValloriaValloria en de prachtige beschilderde deurenEen mooi schilderij aan de deur in LiguriëEen artistieke schilderij aan de deur in Valloria, Ligurië


The famous coastal village in the Dolcedo municipality

Come and admire the many art exhibitions in the open air museum

In case you book your holiday house vacation in Valloria, then you will be excited about the uniqueness of the village. Valloria has today developed into an extraordinary open air museum of fascinating and interesting paintings. Each year many different artists are again invited, and they redesign the doors in Valloria in complete artistic freedom.

Nobody knows exactly, who initiated the idea about this practice. However it has grown today into an annual tradition, which generally takes place on the first weekend of July. Because of that Valloria has managed to get into the group of artistically organized villages.

The residents of Valloria are very upright and hospitable. This is reflected time and again on the first weekend in July and August. On those days the legendary summer feasts take place in the village.  The feasts are under the Motto “A Volloria fai baldoria” this means figuratively, that there is a lot of celebration there.

The two functions are, among other things, also organized along gastronomical lines. Ligurian delicacies abound in plenty. There is always something for every taste. Subsequently people dance together with great joy and make friends. This is something people are always eager to return to!

Dolcedo town comprises of several divisions one of which is the locality of Valloria. The name of the place is derived from “Vallis Aurea”, which translates as the “valley of wind” or ”valley of gold”. Gold in this case stands for olives. This is one of the main economic activities in the Ligurian region.

Valloria lies about 15 km from the provincial town Imperia and is a village in the Dolcedo community. Valloria was already settled in the medieval times and offers a big number of beautiful medieval houses. Valloria became part of the municipality of Dolcedo in the 12th century. Many art lovers travel to this village annually to admire the many art works found there.

The village of Valloria has something very special. A group of friends already knew of this long time ago, and eventually this is how in 1991 “Le Tre Fontane” was formed, this is a union of the friends of Valloria. Because of this initiative the village has become a focal point for a whole series of festive events of artistic and cultural nature. This has over time become a permanent component of the Valloria’s events calendar.

Valloria belongs to the Dolcedo municipality and is a village in the province of Imperia which lies in the Liguria region. There are several other villages near Valloria, like: Costiolo (2.8 km), Novelli (3.3 km) and Tavole (2.3 km). From Genoa take the highway exit to Imperia Ovest. Drive along the Colla Street, SP41 and SP39 up to Valloria.

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