A pre-Roman village in the midst of very diverse vegetation

One of the interesting places to see is the well-maintained church with a clock tower stemming from the 15th century

The Parish Church of San Antonio which dates back to 1443, together with its clock tower originating from the 15th century, is definitely worth a visit. In addition there is also the Church of St. Cosma and Damiano which dates back to 1716. Equally interesting for the curious eyes is the stone bridge from the 17th century.

Magliolo is a particularly beautiful tourist destination for all those who love nature. Meadows, forests, caves and rocky mountain cliffs – all can be found in and around Magliolo. There is an extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna in this place.  

Via Ferrata degli Artisti is a special attraction for climbers. This is a climbing route which stretches right up to the summit of Costa dei Balzi Rossi (1309 m), whose starting point is in Magliolo. But even those taking normal walks and the hikers can enjoy the wonderful experience of admiring beautiful natural vegetation along prescribed routes.

The village of Magliolo is the oldest village in the entire Maremola valley. It was founded between the 8th and the 5th centuries BC by indigenous tribes. Magliolo later became property of the bishops of Albenga.

The village was sold to Spain in 1598 by the Marquise of Finale. After a number of disputes between Spain and the Republic of Genoa, Magliolo was given to the Republic of Genoa.

With the coming of the French rule, the region around Magliolo reverted back to the Ligurian Republic and then joined the First French Empire in 1805. Magliolo was integrated into the kingdom of Sardinia in 1815, which was then absorbed into the Italian kingdom in 1861. Magliolo joined the newly established province of Savona in 1927, after spending some time in the province of Genoa. From 1973 to 2011 Magliolo belonged to the mountain community of Pollupice and Ponete Savona.

Magliolo is one of the villages in the province of Savona, which lies in the Liguria region. There are several other villages near Magliolo, for example: Casei (3.3 km), Nicei (1 km) and Nari (2.9 km). Take the highway exit to Finale Ligure and follow the SS490 until you branch to the left towards Nicei. Continue along that road until you come to Magliolo.

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