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San Remo

San Romolo

San Remo, Imperia

One small natural phenomenon is a chestnut tree from the 13th century with a diameter of 5.5 m.
For a long time forests were grown in the surrounding area for the whole region, and indeed the forests around San Romolo offer a welcome change to many natives when it gets too hot at the coast.
The Parco Naturale di San Romolo e Monte Bignone is also particularly fascinating. This place with beautiful walkways, animal enclosures, (goats, deer, stags, and many others), a mini-golf course, a restaurant and a horse-riding place is quite tempting for the family excursion. There are also possibilities for grilling there.
But of course even the beautiful ligurian beaches can be accessed quickly and San Remo in the immediate neighborhood also has everything to offer, from shopping possibilities to restaurants and discotheques.​​​

San Romolo lies above San Remo and is especially very popular with hikers and mountain bikers. The place got its name from its patron saint, San Romolo, who is said to have spent his last years in a grotto, the "bauma", in San Romolo. The small chapel which is dedicated to San Romolo is a quite special church. It was built directly next to the grotto as a memorial place, with a baroque altar and a statue of the dying San Romolo.

San Romolo belongs to the San Remo municipality and is a village in the Imperia province which lies in the Ligurien region. Near San Romolo there are several other villages like: Bajardo (11.9 km), Bevino (1.7 km) and Perinaldo (10.8 km). From Genua take the Arma di Taggia highway exit, then follow the Via Beglini and take the SS1 up to SP56 Srada Sen. From there take Ernesto Marsaglia towards Str. Prato delle Monache in San Romolo.

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