A medieval village on the picturesque Blumenriviera

Take a walk through green olive groves and colorful flower fields

One thing that is undeniable is the beauty of the town, which is situated on the hill dividing the Vallebuona valley and Borghetto San Nicolò from the Rio Sasso valley and is surrounded by hillsides covered with flowers, vineyards and olive groves. The panorama stretches as far as Menton and Marseille.

Before visiting the principality you need to exchange your Euros for "luigini", which is the local currency (worth 6 US dollars). Your visit begins at the parish church of San Martino, which preserves a seventeenth-century wooden statue from the Spanish school and an engraved silver chalice.

You can continue by visiting the stone church of San Bernardo, dedicated to the town's patron saint and built between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Try to go for a walk in the hills when the gorse and the well-known local variety of mimosa are in bloom. These are exported all over the world. The road is ideal for mountain-biking and continues as far as Passo del Bandito.

Seborga is known for the extra -vagance of its "Prince" Giorgio I, proclaimed sovereign by the inhabitants in 1963: although this title is not recognised by the Italian Republic, it has an ancient and illustrious history. Seborga was part of the feudal estate of the Ventimiglia aristocracy, who handed over the castle, the church of San Michele and most of the surrounding territory to the Benedictines in 954 AD.

The principality of Seborga was created by the Holy Roman Empire in 1079 and remained the only sovereign state supported by the Cistercians until 1729, when it was bought by the Savoys. It was never part of the Republic of Genoa or the Kingdom of Sardinia and enjoyed the privilege of "nullius diocesis" conceded by the Congress of Vienna (1815) until 1946. Some historians say that the abbots used the title of "Prince" without having the right to do so; other historians, such as those of the English school, credit Seborga with being the first constitutional monarchy in history.

Seborga is one of the villages in the province of Imperia which lies in the Liguria region. There are several other villages near Seborga, for example: Soldano (14.3 km), Vallebona (9.6 km) and Sasso di Bordighera (7.5 km). Follow the highway exit to Bordighera and drive along the SP57 past Sasso di Bordighera, until you come to Seborga.

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