Noli is regarded as the old centre of Liguria

Tosse Bric delle Rive is popular with mountain bikers

The parish church of St. Ignazio in Tosse

The first cathedral in Noli: the San Paragorio Church in Noli

The capital Noli, to which Tosse belongs, formed Liguria's old center and became a town during the Roman era. It is mentioned for the first time in some documents as "Naboli" in 1004 and 1005.

The village of is mentioned the first time in a document of 1189 in which a witness of the time talks about a struggle for land property reports between the bishop and the municipality of Savona.  The parish church in Tosse is dedicated to Saint Ignatius and dates from 1748, when the formation of the parish was formally confirmed.

Tosse together with the constituency of Voze belong to Noli. One can get there through the Via Provinciale Rustia from the Spotorno highway exit.

Tosse lies on the southern side of the Bric delle Rive at a height of 285 meters.

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