Val Graveglia


A wild valley which lies in an isolated location

Honey, rare minerals, dried medicinal herbs and delicious local dishes are waiting for those keen on trying out new things

The cuisine and the flavors of the region are inspired more by the Ligurian cuisine. Added to the culinary diversities are the proximity to the valleys of La Spezia and Parma. Among the most important dishes are the Testaroli-Focaccette made of wheat and known as "Testaieu" in the local Ligurian dialect. These are put in round containers, usually made out of clay, and then cooked in the fireplace and garnished with pesto. Other dishes are rice cake or potatoes. High-value honey is also produced in this valley, thanks to the abundance of many beekeepers, and so are white wines and local olive oils.

You should also visit the largest manganese mine in Europe where rare minerals, which were formed 200 million years ago, were found and mined up to today. A small train leads into the mine which is open to visitors from Wednesdays to Sundays.

The geographical location of the valley, the surrounding mountains and the narrow spit of land between the different regions - La Spezia and Parma - has been the reason that the area suffered from a kind of isolation. For that matter there is no real history of the valley since the area forming the valley itself consists of many different villages, hamlets and localities which were all integrated into one municipality.

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