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A medieval village with typical stone houses and narrow lanes

Take time to explore the wonderful city of Badalucco

The fortified town, which is today embellished by works of art lodged in the lower part of the wall, still shows some traces of the ancient gates, which were later incorporated into the buildings: these are the gates of San Rocco, Poggetto, Beo, Castello and Santa Lucia, which stands on the bridge of the same name (1555).

Badalucco was at the junction of the roads leading out of the lower valley area and up along the ridges: the two late medieeval humpback bridges at the entrance and exit to the town are a reminder of its ancient function as a crossroads.The medieval bridges are always an attraction for loyal ligurian visitors to stroll through on weekends. 

The church of San Nicolò just outside the town was built in the seventeenth century on the ruins of the old castle. Opposite this stands Palazzo Boeri, which has a beautiful loggia and was built in the same period.

The work on restoring and embellishing the town began with the opening of an open-air art gallery comprising murals and wood and ceramic works (which serve to hide what cannot be restored) along the winding streets and was followed up by restoration and imaginative decoration of the many old fountains. 

The village always becomes a center of attraction for tourists especially in the month of September. Many gourmets from the Liguria region, as well as those from far-flung places, come to Badalucco for the Baucogna festival, in order to enjoy the famous dried cod. This is a dish prepared specially for the occasion. The visitors are fascinated by the recipes offered by the village. It is not only the dried cod which is something special, but also the wild specialties and the Rundin-beans. 

Badalucco is a typical town in the Argentina Valley with rough stone houses nestled among the mountains. Rows of houses follow the winding course of the River Argentina, while others are huddled between the road and the rock face. Higher up is the steeper part of the town, which was a challenge to build due to the ruggedness of the terrain. The name of the town (in Latin: "bella duco") recalls the fighting spirit of the Ligurians, who engaged the Romans in 181 BC near the Campus Martius at the entrance to the town in a battle that was decisive for control of the territory.

Badalucco is one of the villages in the province of Imperia which is found in the Liguria region. Near Badalucco are other hamlets like: Tovagnoli (2,2 km), Isolalunga (0.7 km) and Montalto Ligure (3.4 km). When coming from the direction of Arma di Taggia, take the SS548 and drive for approx. 12 km up to Badalucco.

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